All About Us

Every bite is special.

Cake In Your Face! rose from a twinkle while working at a bakey with my mom. I was working as a Jet fueler for the Navy and I loved it, but working with fuel pipes and purification systems wasn't easy and it was even harder to advance. While serving my time as an attendant in the Galley, I fell in love with cooking all together! And when they gave me a chance to specialize in baking, put the spatula in my hand and slammed that 100 piece cake decorating kit on the table... I was sold! 

With my new found joy came a new love for creating all things sweet and personal. I began making ceremonial cakes for the whole command and after 10 years, 3 commands and always being recognized as "that Culinary Specialist that makes cakes", I have turned my hobby into one of the most customer satisfyng, intimate custom cakeries you will ever find. Enjoy and don't forget that no occasion is complete... without Cake In Your Face!

Cake In Your Face!